Perimeter Pest Program

Keep the bugs away from your foundation

Plants, shrubs, mulch and other features add beauty to your home, but they can also be the perfect place for insects to nest. Hurst Lawn Services, LLC provides yard services specific to pest control.

It doesn’t take long for insects to get the urge to move to more comfortable living quarters inside your home. Your home offers all the conditions that these pests need to thrive.

Hurst Lawn Services, LLC establishes a barrier around the outside of your home. Ants, spiders, silverfish, Asian beetles, cockroaches and other bugs that attempt to cross this barrier are wiped out on contact. We are trained and licensed to apply perimeter pest control products that will provide protection around your home all season long.


Before you decide to tackle it on your own

Before you undertake perimeter pest control on your own, you need to consider this first:

  • Timing is key: Get the perimeter treatment in place before insects start gathering in large numbers. Insects migrate toward winter shelter based on changes in temperature and day length.
  • Liquid insecticide: Ready-to-use sprays attach to your hose and mix to proper concentrations as you spray. These sprays offer easy storage for leftover chemical.
  • Granule insecticide: Apply using a drop spreader or a hand-held spreader.
  • When to call a professional: When you’re outnumbered and/or if you are battling wood-destroying insects.

If this sounds overwhelming to you, let the experts at Hurst Lawn Services, LLC apply perimeter pest control that will provide protection around your home all season long.

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