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  • EMERALD ASH BORER TREATMENT: As with most disease and insect damage, prevention is the best medicine. Systemic applications sprayed onto the tree have proven to be an effective method of protecting ash trees. At Hurst Lawn Services, LLC, we provide a systemic spray that allows the insecticide to quickly blanket the tree and kill the insect. Learn more about the Emerald Ash Borer.

  • LAWN AERATION: Your lawn needs to BREATHE! We remove thousands of small plugs from the soil and deposit them on the grass surface to allow water and nutrients to make their way into the soil. Learn more about Lawn Aeration.

  • OVERSEEDING: Rejuvenate your lawn! Thick, green turf helps keep the weeds out. Fall – right after aeration – is the best time to overseed, when the days are still warm and the nights cool. Read more about Overseeding.

  • PERIMETER PEST CONTROL: Control insects for months without harming flowers, bushes, lawns or pets! Learn more about our Perimeter Pest Program.

  • COMPLETE LAWN PROGRAM: We offer 5 & 6 Step programs – or customize your own program! We also offer a 2 Step Fungicide Program. Applications are made when environmental factors are favorable. Find out why our 6-Step Lawn Care Program will keep your lawn looking its best all season long.

  • SNOW REMOVAL: We offer Commercial snow removal services. Our snow and ice removal services help keep your business accessible and safe during the cold winter months. Call us for a FREE estimate.

  • SPRINKLER ACTIVATION, WINTERIZATION & SERVICE: Maintenance for sprinkler systems is very important and often neglected. We can service and activate your sprinkler system and get it ready for the cold weather months.

  • KILL & DRILL: Sometimes you have to start from scratch! We can kill off your old lawn – full of weeds and disease – and drill in new seed to give it a fresh start!

  • MOWING, SPRING & FALL CLEANUPS: We do mowing & spring & fall cleanup services, including trimming of shrubs and hedges. We can help you figure out the best plan for your budget.

  • LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE: Your lawn and landscape is your home’s first impression. Make it a great one with our landscaping services including pavers, rock, mulching, shrubs, bushes, perennials, flower beds, Christmas lighting and more.

If you see something we don’t offer, call us 402-727-8173 (phone) or 402-720-2400 (mobile).

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